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Creative Arrangment

Paul Gulrajani

Managing Director

Design Disciplines:

  • Graphic Design for print and digital

  • Industrial Design

  • Motion/Animation

A Bit About Me

Growing up, I loved scribbling down ideas, drawing and making things. Not being very sporty it was one of the things I was actually good at! So as I got older I decided that I wanted to design things and pursued a career in design.

Fast forward a few years, I completed a Masters in Product Design and had worked in the world of aviation engineering, product design and graphic design. Having over a decade of experience working for a number of companies, big and small, I decided to take a leap of faith and become a master of my own destiny, that is when SketchStar Studio was born.

Starting my own design business gave me the flexibility to seek out exciting new projects for an even wider range of clients and help them at various stages of their journeys. I have help start-ups with branding and finding their feet, large clients increase their digital followings, launch new products and even come up with some new innovations.

SketchStar Studio has allowed me to meet a massive range of people, make new friends, make a real difference, and flex my creative muscle at the same time! I've loved every minute of it.

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